New North Harbour Mountain Bike Track to Open Saturday August 3rd!

North Harbour Mountain Bike Track

Bringing a new dimension to mountain bike tracks near Brisbane, North Harbour’s new mountain bike track has been designed to suit beginners and families as well as intermediate level riders. Set along 6km of North Harbour’s beautiful scenic river frontage in the Heritage Park area, the track will be open during daylight hours (on weekends only).

North Harbour Mountain Bike Track

Acting Project Director Bryan Finney said: “The new track provides a great opportunity for families to get out and enjoy the fresh air by our beautiful Caboolture River. There is loads of space for picnics, BBQs and opportunities to get together and enjoy this very special space.

We’ve had great feedback from everyone who has tried out the course for us, particularly saying that ‘there aren’t any other bike tracks like this near me’”.

The mountain bike trail parking/ set off point has picnic shelters and BBQs and is also located not far from the start of North Harbour parkrun which has toilet facilities and water. Additional drinking fountains and bottle refill points will be installed as landscaping works at the Heritage Park are completed over the coming months.

North Harbour Mountain Bike Track

North Harbour Mountain Bike Track offers a trail loop almost 6km in length, suitable for beginner off-road riders / families. It has a gentle gradient and generally smooth surface with some obstacles such as roots, logs and rocks. This track is suitable for beginner mountain bikers with basic mountain-bike skills and off-road bikes.

For more skilled/intermediate riders the trail also features several (optional) obstacles, as well as a more difficult trail offshoot which has moderate gradients, a variable surface and obstacles.

Opening hours: Daylight hours on weekends only from Saturday August 3rd.

Things to note:

  • No dogs allowed: Unfortunately, due to the protected status of the Heritage Park area, no dogs are allowed in the Heritage Park (they are very welcome at Habitat Park)
  • No trail bikes
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Only ride on trails that suit your cycling abilities
  • Ride according to trail conditions
  • Take water, first aid kit, use sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Slow down and warn other riders when approaching
  • Give way when riding downhill
  • Keep trails in good condition by not riding during or immediately after wet weather
  • Respect areas closed to riding – Ride on trails only
  • Remember you are close to the river and farmland, closed areas are for your safety
  • Stay on marked trails and formed roads
  • Take your rubbish with you when you leave
  • Clean BBQs after use

North Harbour Mountain Bike Track

Weekends at North Harbour

Bite Markets: After working up an appetite at North Harbour’s mountain bike trail, why not visit Bite Markets? Every Friday and Saturday 4pm-10pm the delicious Bite Markets at North Harbour opens its doors offering the perfect place to eat, drink, spend time with friends and family. Bite Markets is a brand-new food experience within our growing North Harbour community offering over 40 flavour makers, live entertainment and a children’s play zone. Located at Exit 150 off the Bruce Highway on Nolan Drive, it is a short 3 minutes from the North Harbour Sales Centre. Click here to find out more.

North Harbour parkrun: Located in the same area as the mountain bike trail, North Harbour parkrun is held at 7am, every Saturday. Parkrun is a free 5km cross country run/ walk around the future Heritage Park along the Caboolture River.

Sunrise Yoga in the Park: You can also stretch out before you ride at 8am every Sunday with a free outdoor yoga class in Reflections Park, located off Mornington Parade. This class is suitable for all ages and levels including beginners.

North Harbour Café: And for all your post ride coffee and brekkie needs, North Harbour Café is open every day as well as Friday nights for the extremely popular burger night. The Café is located in the Sales Centre building next to a great kid’s playground.

Find North Harbour

North Harbour’s Sales and Information Centre & Display Village is open seven days a week, 10am-5pm. Located on the corner of Buckley Road and Fraser Drive in Burpengary East, our 33 home Display Village is a great one-stop-shop for house hunters, showcasing brand new designs from 17 of Australia’s best builders including Bold Living, Burbank Homes Coral Homes, GJ Gardner Homes, Hallmark Homes, Homes by CMA, Integrale Homes, McLachlan Homes, Metricon Homes, OJ Pippin Homes, Oracle Platinum Homes, Orbit Homes, Pantha Homes, Stroud Homes, Stylemaster, Sunvista Homes and Valeco Homes.

North Harbour is the winner of the UDIA Award for Best Residential Subdivision in Queensland and is EnviroDevelopment Accredited. To find out more about our affordable house and land packages in Queensland please contact us and to keep up to date with the latest news and info, including our regular events, please sign up for our email updates and find us on Facebook and Instagram (@northharbourliving).

Buying a Home, is it Cheaper to Rent or Buy?

Buying v Renting

Buying a home

There are many advantages to buying your own home rather than renting. These include:

  • Paying off your own home rather than someone else’s.  “Rent money is dead money”
  • Buying gives you more control and freedom
  • Design your own home
  • Make additions and renovations
  • Have a dog or cat
  • Put up pictures
  • Be able to do landscaping and gardening
  • No landlord inspections
  • Avoid the property being sold
  • No bond or bond refund arguments

Buying a Home

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Rent a Home?

We asked Brendan Styles from C-Finance Brokers the question, is it cheaper to rent or to buy a home in the long-term? Brendan has worked with many people looking into buying a home, both at North Harbour and elsewhere, and is an expert mortgage and financial advisor.

Is it cheaper to rent or buy a home?

Brendan: “Firstly, the rent or buy a home question mostly affects first home buyers or those that have just sold up and need flexibility for life and investment choices.

If you are currently renting in the northern suburbs of Brisbane for an average of $380-450 per week, it is cheaper to rent rather than buy a home. However this simple cost comparison only compares one variable out of several and if you are looking to move into ownership, there are three key things to consider:

1) Now vs the Future – “Pain vs Gain” – How willing are you to make sacrifices in the short term, for a long term benefit?

The day to day of renting may be ok for now, however if you continue to rent then you cannot benefit from capital growth as you would with buying your own home, or an investment property. You will experience rent increases each six months…and every $15 per week increase in rent is the same as a .25% increase on a $350K mortgage. Now that’s an interesting statistic…we cry poor when the bank increases interest rates, but we can’t do anything about a rent increase.

2) Security & Control. Most of our first home clients value this, almost as equally as the cost equation. We do get sick of being told what we can and cannot do, having to open for inspection, changing tenants and losing money every time from crazy landlords holding back bond. – we have all been there. If you want to have security and control over your living situation, it is better to buy v rent.

3) Good time to buy: In the new home market, we are financing clients into their first home with as little as $1-2K deposit. We then do the cost equation for our clients, and most of the time the mortgage in the short term is a little more expensive, but better than waiting and finding lending has tightened again and ownership has moved out of reach.

My advice is simple, read books like barefoot investor to learn more about making the short-term sacrifice for a home loan. And, do your research in that getting into a new home can be easier and potentially cheaper than what you think at this stage in the market, providing you want to live in the area for the mid to long term. Check the numbers, but also consider all the factors when making this decision.

To talk to Brendan and the team at C-Finance Brokers about buying a home, click here.

Find North Harbour

North Harbour’s Sales and Information Centre & Display Village with café and two playgrounds is open seven days a week, 10am-5pm. Located on the corner of Buckley Road and Fraser Drive, Burpengary East, the Display Village showcases 33 brand new Display Homes from 17 of Australia’s best new home builders. To find out more about buying a home at North Harbour sign up for our email updates and find us on Facebook and Instagram (@northharbourliving).

Weekends at North Harbour

BITE Markets at North Harbour is a brand-new destination within the growing North Harbour community which has transformed weekends on the Northside of Brisbane. It’s the perfect place to eat, drink, catch up with friends and family, a place everyone is welcome, full of colour, adventures, wonderful food, entertainment and all sorts of flavours celebrating produce from the Moreton Bay region! Located at Exit 150 off the Bruce Highway on Nolan Drive, open from 4pm-10pm every Friday and Saturday night. Click here to see Bite TV!

North Harbour parkrun: 7am, every Saturday. Free 5km cross country run / walk around the future Heritage Park, everyone is welcome!

Sunrise Yoga in the Park: 8am every Sunday, free yoga class to suit all levels in Reflections Park. Beginners welcome, for more information please click the link.

North Harbour Café is also open every weekend including Friday Burger Nights and now delivers in the North Harbour and local areas every Friday night!