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Builders at North Harbour

Experience designs from Australia’s best new home builders at North Harbour’s Display Village

North Harbour’s Display Village is a fantastic resource for house hunters as it is one of the biggest and best in Southeast Queensland. Our Display Village showcases beautiful home designs from Australia’s most experienced and professional home builders and is a must-see for anyone looking to build their dream home.

How to choose your home builder

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Builders at North Harbour

Our Display Village is an excellent place to do your new home builder research as it showcases brand new designs from Australia’s best builders including:

Brighton Homes

The Brighton Homes team understands that being a Queensland home builder involves more than simply building a new home. This is why Brighton is one of the most sought-after Brisbane builders.

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Burbank Homes

Building homes since 1983, the Burbank Homes team know a thing or two about homebuilding – and they’ve got the awards to prove it. Led by a passionate team who live and breathe homebuilding, Burbank is a family owned and operated business with unwavering family values instilled in the heart of every home.

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Coral Homes

Coral Homes was the first builder to open a Display Home at our first Display Village in 2015 and we have continued to work well together. One of the largest, most respected home builders in Australia, the Coral team has a vast building area and display home network spanning from Bundaberg to Sydney and west to Toowoomba.

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Emerald Developments

Emerald Developments is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in building modern and affordable homes in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. With over 10 years’ experience in the building industry, Emerald is growing quickly with a dedicated team and network of trusted suppliers and trades.

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Hotondo Homes

If you’re looking for a team you can trust to build your dream home, look no further than Hotondo Homes. With over 40 years’ experience of new home building, look no further than Hotondo Homes. Established in 1979 as a family-owned business, the team at Hotondo truly know the importance of building a great home for families to live in forever.

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Metricon Homes

Metricon Display Homes has a proud 40-year history of creating innovative, world class homes in Australia and the team is committed to designing homes which offer sophisticated features, open plan spaces and the ultimate in indoor/outdoor living for the Australian family.

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Orbit Homes

Orbit Homes has a proud history of building premium homes for Australian families since 1979.

Craig and Paul Millson, the Founders and Directors of Orbit Homes, not only love building homes for Australian families, but the close-knit environment they have fostered within Orbit Homes means that you get the best service from a committed and dependable team who love their jobs.

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Plantation Homes

Plantation Homes have established themselves as a market leading new home builder, and are widely recognised for product innovation, quality and service excellence, successfully delivering more than 15,000 homes across South East Queensland and select parts of Northern NSW.

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Stroud Homes

A quality home is the result of highly experienced trades using tried and tested materials all brought together with expert project management. As Stroud Homes’ customers consistently put build quality at the top of their priorities when building a new home, it is good to know then that we consistently deliver homes that rank in the Top Five per cent of build quality among Brisbane Builders.

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One of Queensland’s most awarded homebuilders, Stylemaster has built an enviable reputation for delivering superior service and outstanding quality homes for Queensland families. Quality workmanship, attention to detail, reliability, value for money and superior customer service are the keystones of Stylemaster’s business.

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10 important things to be mindful of when choosing a new home builder

New home builders come in all shapes and sizes and picking the right builder for you is an important decision in your home building journey. Here are 10 important things to be mindful of when choosing a new home builder:

  1. Get your finances organised: Work out your budget, what you need to save for a deposit and any other outgoings and what your borrowing capacity to purchase a home will be. Talk to an experienced financial advisor who has experience in working with home builders, and who can fill you in on details you might not otherwise consider. For more information on what to expect from this process, see our Introduction to Financing Your First Home
  2. Write a list of must-haves, would-likes and don’t wants in your home design. For example, must-have four bedrooms, would-like a butler’s pantry, don’t want double-storey. This will help when you start the next stage of the process which is…
  3. Do some online research. Check out builder products, reviews, designs and offers online to see what’s out there.
  4. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. If you know someone who has built their own home, pick their brains. They’ve got experience of what worked for them and what didn’t work for them and word of mouth reviews are extremely helpful in choosing your first home builder.
  5. Visit a Display Village such as the Display Village at North Harbour – the largest on Brisbane’s northside. We have some of Australia’s best home builders on display with designs including double and single storey and more. Display Villages show you what’s possible and is a great place to meet builders face to face and discuss your options.
  6. Pick a shortlist. Once you’ve visited some Display Homes and found some designs you like, make a shortlist of builders and home designs. These might be in house and land packages such as the one’s North Harbour creates with our builder partners (for more on House and Land packages at North Harbour see here).
  7. Then the all-important – Get some pricing! Ask each builder for a complete turn-key price to build the design to the specifications you want. Make sure you understand what the price does and doesn’t include. For example, some builders include aircon as standard, some don’t. Some include landscaping and fencing some don’t.
  8. There are no stupid questions. If you don’t understand something, ask! What might seem simple to someone who builds houses for a living might not be obvious to someone doing this for the first time. Much better to have a complete understanding of the process first up.
  9. Weigh it all up and make your call! When you’ve picked your perfect design, and you’re happy with your home builder then…
  10. It’s time to visit the North Harbour Sales Team and choose your ideal block of land and start the process of building your dream home.

Making your home buying checklist

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