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Stage 33

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Stage 40B

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Land Types


Minimum size 576sqm with a 18m plus frontage


Minimum lot size 448sqm with frontages from 14m to 18m

Premium Villa

Minimum lot size 400sqm

Courtyard 25

Minimum lot size 350sqm

Premium Villa 25

Minimum lot size 300sqm

Master Plan

North Harbour has been designed to tick all the boxes for a great investment in your future and offers excellent amenities, location, lifestyle options in our growing community – a place where people feel right at home. Our design has embraced and preserved the region’s natural beauty and we have six parks, 6km of mountain bike trails, plenty of open space and parklands to explore with further parks to be added in the future.

Housing quality is high, with covenants in place to protect your investment. Important amenities such as a childcare centre, Heritage Park and café have already been established, with others to come as the development grows during the next 15 years. An integrated public transport system has been planned.

The master planning process delivers real peace of mind to residents that North Harbour will not only provide the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilled life now, but the enjoyment will also continue.

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