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Property Investment at North Harbour

Investment Properties

Why savvy investors are taking advantage of low interest rates & snapping up investment property near Brisbane

Given the current sharemarket uncertainty, savvy investors are switching to bricks and mortar – still considered to be a sound investment by leading financial experts. In fact, the current economy, with interest rates at an all-time low and appear likely to stay that way for this year at least, offers shrewd investors plenty of opportunities.

The crucial factors to finding a good investment property in this economy are:

  • Make sure you buy in an area with good infrastructure. North Harbour is in the big growth suburb of Burpengary East in the northern corridor between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. This community offers a variety of affordable investment properties and is located within easy commuting distance of the CBD. In our award-winning master planned community all new homes have access to our high-speed broadband network, reticulated gas and 1000 acres of open space and parks. More space, better amenities and a great community.

Buy investment properties where there is a need for housing and potential for growth, so you can get good tenants, such as North Harbour. North Harbour is popular with renters and we have a 30% cap on investment, so the possibility of being stuck with a property in an oversupplied area is very low. North Harbour has five parks, a mountain bike trail, café, childcare centre, large weekend open air dining precinct and more to come as the development grows.

  • Don’t be too influenced by the news cycle. Buy smart and be prepared to stick with your investment in the medium to long term to take full advantage of the growth cycle. A recent article in the Australian Broker stated that; “While it has become clear that transactional activity will be disrupted in the coming months, there is no evidence of reduced housing values to date. Those positioned to benefit in the coming months are buyers who have the confidence and financial well-being to remain active in the housing market despite the broader context, with significant potential for good buying opportunities at competitive prices and at ultra-low interest rates.” To read more click here.

To find out more about investing in property at North Harbour watch our video here.

Affordable, Great Value Investment Properties

To view our current house and land packages available for sale, click here.

  •  Rental income from houses in Burpengary East is averaged at $420, whereas North Harbour is slightly higher at $460, as houses and amenities are brand new and therefore more attractive to renters. We also have five parks, a mountain bike trail, free activities, café and childcare centre on site. Local medical centre, shops and eateries are a 5-minute drive away
  • The average house price in Burpengary East is $562,500

Figures from February 2021

Buying an Investment Property Online

We want to make the business of buying investment properties at North Harbour as easy as possible. You can already view sales planshouse and land packages and general information on our website, and walk through videos of our display village homes are available online here.

If you’re keen to find more information about investment properties at North Harbour, particularly with interest rates so low, or information on buying houses and North Harbour in general we have plenty to offer on our website and other channels:

The Buying Process

The ideal timeline is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the Land for Sale section of our website and review our available land for purchase. You can contact the Sales team by phone, 07 5433 1111, or email . Our office is open by appointment until further notice.

Once you have chosen your block we will hold it for 48 hours without a deposit. After two days we will call you to confirm that you wish to proceed.  If you want to go ahead, we will ask you for some further details (full names of buyers and your solicitor) to enable us to prepare the contract. We can email you the contract for signing or make an in-person appointment to sign, whichever you prefer. After the buyer/s have completed the offer to purchase, it is then signed by the Developer (North Harbour) and sent to our solicitor.  At this point the deposit (typically around $5,000) is payable.

Things to note in Step 1: North Harbour as the developer sells the land (block). Once you have chosen your block you then need to choose the style of house you would like to put on there – you can do this by choosing one of our pre-approved house and land packages and building with one of our Display Village builders or you are free to choose a different builder. BUT any home you choose must adhere to the North Harbour design guidelines and must be suitable for your block. Click here to view the Design Guidelines. Double-check what will work for the block you choose. Viewing house and land packages will give you a clear idea of what type of house you can put on your preferred block.

Step 2: The purchaser has 14 days to secure finance. You will need to speak to a mortgage advisor or your chosen bank to secure finance. If finance is declined, the $5,000 deposit is fully refundable. $5,000 is held in Trust with our solicitor until settlement – which will occur 14 days after registration.

Step 3: Registration normally takes place 4 – 6 months after the release of a new stage Registration can be delayed due to inclement weather affecting the civil works and is also subject to council approval timelines. Once through council, it can then go to the titles office to register. Once registered, we will call the buyer to inform them of registration and they will also receive notification from their solicitor and settlement date.

Things to note in step 3: This step is outside the control of the developer as it is subject to council approval timelines. It can be subject to delays – we do our best to mitigate any delays but it is not always possible.

Step 4: Once settled, your builder can start building your investment property. Building must commence within 9 months of settlement and be completed within 18 months.

Things to remember: Contact Opticomm at to get your broadband set up so you can join North Harbour’s fibre optic network and get access to Australia’s Fastest Broadband, your builder will organise for your gas to be connected to our reticulated gas system.