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Stage 28

The Falcon Release

If you’re looking to build your dream home in one of the best new developments in Queensland, North Harbour is a popular choice! We have welcomed many new residents to our community already this year who enjoy the great amenities, open space and parklands, free activities, and excellent location. A particular favourite of our residents is our unique riverside parkland area, Heritage Park, which includes walking tracks, mountain bike trail, preserved historical artefacts and amenities. Heritage is also the home of Sunrise Yoga in the Park.

Our latest release is Stage 28, the Falcon Release. Stage 28 is in an excellent location within North Harbour, located close to a soon to be constructed park which will include play equipment, exercise equipment and BBQ area.

Please note that due to unprecedented interest, all lots in Stage 28 are currently on hold.

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Lot sizes from 300-709sqm

*Final streetscape including the locations of trees and garden beds is still to be finalised and is subject to Council approvals

Courtyard 32 Lot

Premium Villa 32 Lot

Premium Villa 25 Lot

Traditional 32 Lot

Terrace Lot

Electrical Transformer

Land Types


Minimum size 576sqm with a 18m plus frontage


Minimum lot size 448sqm with frontages from 14m to 18m

Premium Villa

Minimum lot size 400sqm

Courtyard 25

Minimum lot size 350sqm

Premium Villa 25

Minimum lot size 300sqm

Enquire about Stage 28, the Falcon release

Phone the North Harbour team on 07 5433 1111, visit our Sales & Information Centre or complete our online form.

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