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Reckon You Could Be Brisbane’s Next Ninja Warrior? Have a Go and Have some Fun at North Harbour’s Obstacle Course Expo on Saturday November 6th!

October 18, 2021

Ninja Warrior Brisbane

Ninja Warriors Come to Brisbane!


North Harbour will play host to “Spider Sam” and 14 of his fellow Australian Ninja Warriors at the AFOS (Australian Federation of Obstacle Sports) Obstacle Sports Expo at North Harbour on Saturday 6th November. 


This family friendly event will give you the chance to check out the professional ninjas in our north Brisbane location, and have a go yourself.  Or simply spend a great day out with plenty to enjoy at the Obstacle Sports Expo at North Harbour on Saturday, 6 November. The courses – one ninja-style and one obstacle-style – are suitable for ages 7 and up and cost $10 each. All money raised will support the Australian Federation of Obstacle Sports to promote participation in Obstacle Sports across Australia.  


Monkey bars

Sam Roberts, better known as “Spider Sam” on this years’ season of Australian Ninja Warrior, Nathan “Burlinator” Burles and Alicia Prosser are among the Ninjas that will be showcasing their talents at the event, which is the first of its kind in the country. At 21 years of age and just 166cm and 53kg, Sam is the lightest male Ninja to have competed on the show, proving that size doesn’t matter.


Dan Andrikis, President of Australian Federation of Obstacle Sports (AFOS), says the event is designed to show that people of all abilities can get involved and give it a go.   “We really want to show everyone that there is a lot more to Obstacle Sports than the popular show on TV,” Dan said. 


“People of all abilities can get involved.” 


Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about what AFOS is all about through a range of workshops with experts in the field of functional training, nutrition, physiotherapy and holistic medicine. Food trucks will also be available on the day. 


Dan and the rest of the committee members are working on increasing the popularity of obstacle sports in Australia, with the International Federation of World Obstacle recently obtaining “Observer Status” by the Global Association of International Sporting Federations (GAIFS). Dan said North Harbour is the ideal location to achieve this goal. 


“North Harbour is a very central location with vast open spaces, so it’s perfect for the event. It’s also a growing community and we really wanted to support that,” Dan said. “Without North Harbour, this event would not be possible.” 


North Harbour Project Director Bryan Finney says the event is a wonderful opportunity to engage the local community. “We’re really looking forward to welcoming the team at Australian Federation of Obstacle Sports to North Harbour for this exciting event,” he said.


“It’s a really unique and fun way for locals to put their strength and endurance to the test while connecting with other members of the fitness community.


“At North Harbour we’re grateful to have such vast open space that allows us to host unique events like this for the whole community.”


Obstacle Sports Expo


So, if you’d like to join us and have a go on these great obstacles, we’ll be at North Harbour Heritage Park on Saturday November 6th, details below. Who knows, you could be the next Brisbane Ninja Warrior! 


Date: Saturday, November 6th 

Time: 8am-4pm 

Place: North Harbour Heritage Park, Moreton Bay Bvd, Morayfield, QLD 4506

Cost: Entry is free, $10 per course to participate 



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