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10 Essential Moving House Tips To Make Your Move As Stress-Free As Possible

There are multiple things to do when you’re moving to a new house and it can seem a touch overwhelming at times, so we’ve gathered the top 10 moving house tips we’ve heard over the years from our North Harbour residents and shared below, to hopefully ease that stress a little for you. 


  1. Set Up Your Internet Connection

North Harbour community has its own fibre-optic broadband network capable of speeds matching the fastest broadband in Australia* of up to 100Mb per second from a broad range of internet service providers. Each home has access to this highspeed broadband connection and you’ll need to have Opticomm connected and then choose a service provider before you move in. To find out more and get connected visit the Opticomm website here

If you want a landline connection, or service such as Foxtel, it’s also a good idea to book to have these set up at the same time. 

  1. Connect Your Power

Each home at North Harbour has access to reticulated gas, and you will need to ensure that this and your electricity is switched on before you move in. When your builder gives you a moving date, call your chosen energy provider, give them your personal details, address and preferred connection dates – and they do the rest. 

  1. Have a plan for children and pets

Children like to run around a lot as do pets, and removalists rarely look below their knees when setting down heavy pieces of furniture. Together with the emotional stress of moving, this additional concern alone warrants a plan for your children and pets on moving day.

  1. Change your address

Notify the post office immediately of your new address and the date you’ll be there and then contact all the businesses and government bodies you deal with individually to make sure your mail is going to the correct place. 

  1. Update Your Info with Friends and Family 
  2. Un-packing box

One of the best moving house tips we’ve heard is to pack an “unpacking box”. This box ought to contain any special tools you might need like allen keys, labelled bags or containers with screws from furniture you dismantled in the move, scissors, screwdrivers, masking tape, dust cloths and glue. 

  1. Organise house and contents insurance

Make sure that your current home insurance policies end the day after you’ve moved out and your next insurance policies start the day before you move. That way, you’re protected on moving day.

  1. Have spare keys cut

Do this as soon as you have the keys to your new house. Moving days are stressful and busy, so it’s very easy for keys to get lost or locked inside the house – especially as you won’t have an established ‘key check’ routine at your new residence yet. Have a set of keys cut for each member of the household, and have a few spare sets cut for family members and friends.

  1. Pack a first night box

Another great idea we’ve gleaned from all the tips on moving to a new house we’ve heard over the years is the “first night box”. The first night box should contain a change of clothes for each family member, basic toiletries, toilet roll, pyjamas, towels, bed linen and any other essentials you may require, such as tea bags or a coffee plunger and cleaning essentials. It’s like an overnight bag but with added extras. 

  1. Get Your Moving Day Pizza Voucher from the North Harbour Sales & Information Centre!

As a welcome gift to our residents on moving day, we provide a pizza voucher for Divine Pizza & Pasta (located at the Burpengary Hub) to save you digging through boxes to find cutlery and plates! If you’ve moved in, but haven’t had your voucher, or if you’re about to move in, please pop into the Sales Centre to grab a v

Moving to Brisbane

Moving to Brisbane is becoming an ever-popular choice for those struggling to get onto the property ladder in less affordable capital cities such as Sydney. Sydney is predicted to experience yet another property boom with the median price of houses for sale in Sydney forecast to rise to $1.25 million (as of Dec 2019 it was $1,142,212). Conversely, Brisbane’s is currently less than half that at $577,664, even with predicted growth of 8 per cent this year.

You can purchase a brand new home at North Harbour, which is approximately 45 minutes by car or train to Brisbane CBD, from $369,500 and the cost of living in Brisbane is also 12% lower than in Sydney, which gives home buyers more spare cash to spend on enjoying life in and around our beautiful Moreton Bay Region.

First Home Buyers get a great hand onto the property ladder in Queensland with the First Home Buyers Grant currently standing at $15,000 for buying brand new homes. (For more information on the First Home Buyers Grant click here).

Thinking of Moving to Queensland? Here are Five Fabulous Reasons You Should Go for It!

1 – Queensland is beautiful

Like, really, really beautiful. We have some of the most stunning beaches in the world as well as an array of beautiful coastal spots to visit from the multiple islands of Moreton Bay (a hop skip and a jump from Brisbane), Fraser Island, the Gold Coast to the Whitsunday Islands, right up to the stunning Daintree Rainforest at the tip where the forest meets the sea. We’ve also got The Great Barrier Reef, the largest living thing on Earth, which you can even see from outer space!

We’ve got mountains, riverside and outback country so beautiful it’ll bring out your inner poet and more lakes than you can shake a stick at. (You know, if stick shaking is your thing.)

Moving to Queensland

Moving to Queensland

North Harbour is located in the Moreton Bay Region, close to the beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the mountains of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Caloundra, Mooloolaba, Noosa and Coolum are an easy drive away and, thanks to our lovely warm climate, you can be in the great outdoors pretty much any month of the year. Which brings me to…


2 – Our weather is fabulous!

Beautiful one day, perfect the next. This famous quote from Queensland Tourism sure hits the nail on the head. Southeast Queensland is where the majority of the population reside and is one of the most popular destinations for people moving to Queensland, as we get some of the best weather in Australia.

Moving to Queensland

The north Brisbane area where North Harbour is located (35 mins from the Sunshine Coast and 45 mins from the Brisbane CBD) experiences warm pleasant summers with the average daily maximum temperature around 28 degrees Celsius and the average daily minimum temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. Our winters are only slightly cooler with the average daily maximum temperature around 20 degrees Celsius while the average daily minimum temperature drops to around 9 degrees Celsius. We enjoy a subtropical climate, with warm or hot weather for most of the year. December has the longest hours of daylight with sunrise at around 4:50am and sunset at 6:40pm. June has the least hours of daylight with sunrise at approximately 6:30am and sunset at 5pm. We do it tough, one year I had to wear an actual coat. True story.

Moving to Queensland


3 – Queenslanders are relaxed and friendly

As perfect as our state is for holidays, it’s just as good to live here year-round and as a rule we’re pretty happy with our lot. We get to wear shorts and flip flops most of the year and BBQ like bosses. When the temperature dips below 20 degrees Celsius we’re freezing but will still happily sit outdoors by a fire pit with beer in hand, counting both our lucky as well as actual stars.

Moving to Queensland


4 – So much to do!

For example, Queensland’s capital city, Brisbane is a vibrant and friendly city with something for everyone. There are schools and universities with great education systems, plenty of business centres and places to work, shopping centres, an affordable housing market, and a range of things to see and do from the cultural centre at Southbank to the historical areas and Botanic Gardens along the river. You will never be bored living here. If you do there are 50,000 other places in Queensland to explore.

Moving to Queensland

Moving to Queensland


5 – Queensland is affordable

If you’re considering moving to Queensland, chances are it is because you’ve been priced out of the market in your current location. Homes for sale in North Brisbane can vary in affordability with North Harbour’s suburb of Burpengary East remaining affordable whilst in easy commuting distance. In the brand-new master planned development at North Harbour you can get a brand-new home with our house and land packages from $400,000, the average price is $480,000 – and you’re never further than 325m from open space or parks. More space, better amenities and a great place to live for less money.

Moving to Queensland

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North Harbour’s Sales and Information Centre and 33 Home Display Village (with café and two playgrounds) are open every day from 10am-5pm including public holidays, located on the corner of Buckley Road and Fraser Drive, Burpengary East. We’re the people to meet for everyone moving to Queensland and looking for houses for sale so contact us today! And, don’t forget our free weekend activities, parkrun at 7am every Saturday and Yoga in the Park every Sunday at 8am (moves to 7am in Summer). Visit our Events page for more details.