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Discover Bold Living at North Harbour – Where Dreams Come to Life

Are you ready to make a bold statement with your dream home in Brisbane? North Harbour’s display village is the perfect place to embark on this exciting journey, and Bold Living, the masters of modern home construction, are here to turn your dreams into reality!

Building your dream home is a significant milestone in anyone’s life, and North Harbour offers an abundance of custom-built homes to cater to your unique needs. We proudly showcase 20 leading Australian builders at our display village, all of whom specialize in custom-built homes in Brisbane and prioritize your vision.

At North Harbour, it’s all about you! Our builders understand that your project requires the support of professionals who will go the extra mile to make the process as seamless as possible. We recognize that building a new home can be an emotional experience, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the journey. All aspects of building modern homes are expertly handled when you engage with our builders at North Harbour Display Village.

Many of our builders are at the forefront of custom-built homes in Brisbane, and one of the standout builders is Bold Living.

Choosing Bold Living means partnering with an expert team who shares your dreams. From the initial planning stage to the final delivery, they are hands-on, ensuring your building journey is positive and collaborative. When you build with Bold Living, you embark on an exciting journey where an extensive selection of high-calibre designs ensures that your finished home is tailored to your block, and your budget, and perfectly reflects your personality and taste.

The reasons to choose Bold Living are plentiful: Bold Properties | North Harbour

Why Bold | Bold Livingwhy bold living

“From drafting and design to driveways, swimming pools, and stunning custom landscapes, Award Winning Group will take your new home to entirely new heights based on all your requirements and specifications. Whatever it is you want for your custom home, let our custom builders, trusted by Brisbane homeowners, know exactly what it is, and we’ll ensure it’s implemented in the overall design.”

As a family-owned and operated business, the Bold Living team understands that building your new home is about more than selecting floor plans, colours, fixtures, and fittings. It’s about the experience of bringing your dream home to life and the exciting journey you’re embarking on.


Bold Living Display Village | North Harbour

Bold Living has been one of North Harbour’s builder partners since the development began and is immensely popular with buyers. They create beautiful homes that bring dreams to life, designed with contemporary flair, attention to detail, flexibility, and uncompromising quality in construction.

We invite you to explore Bold Properties’ brand-new array of contemporary display homes in Burpengary East. Featuring three of Bold’s most popular home designs, you’re sure to find one that truly reflects your unique style and preferences.

bold living in north harbour display

North Harbour is thrilled to offer new land releases in Brisbane, taking in some of the city’s most sought-after locations. If you’re seeking ultimate design freedom with custom home builders in Brisbane, your adventure begins at the North Harbour Display Village in Burpengary East.

Builders at North Harbour Display Village

  • ABC Homes 
  • Brighton 
  • Burbank 
  • Coral 
  • Creations 
  • Bold Living  
  • Metricon 
  • MSN  
  • Stroud 
  • Rise 
  • Emerald   
  • Clarendon  
  • Catapult  
  • Hallmark 
  • Stylemasters 
  • Cheney Constructions 
  • GJ Gardner  
  • Homes by CMA  
  • Orbit  
  • Plantation


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North Harbour Homes will be operating out of North Harbour’s Sales and Information Centre and Display Village. The sales office is open seven days a week, 10 am-5 pm, located on the corner of Buckley Road and Fraser Drive in Burpengary East. With Belinda onboard Mon-Fri, 10 am to 5 pm.  

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NH’s Environmentally Accredited Development In Burpengary East

Environmental Accreditation 

A key part of North Harbour’s master plan is our commitment to best practice sustainable design for the Brisbane region, providing opportunities for recreation and residential spaces which both enhance and incorporate our natural environment. Upon completion North Harbour will encompass 1000 acres of open space and parkland. We have already completed five parks, with two more scheduled to open in 2022. Our parkland already covers a vast area and includes features such as our $3M riverside Heritage Precinct and mountain bike trail. 

Each home at North Harbour is within walking distance of part of this 1000 acres of open space and parkland, allowing our residents the convenience of living in a master planned development whilst remaining connected to nature and the great outdoors. In fact, over half the entire North Harbour site is proposed to be open, green space and parkland.

As a result of our efforts to provide sustainable living options in Brisbane, North Harbour has achieved the highly sought-after EnviroDevelopment accreditation. EnviroDevelopment is a scientifically based assessment scheme which independently reviews development projects and awards certification to those that achieve outstanding performance across four or more of the provided elements – Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community. To find out more about EnviroDevelopment click here.

Reforestation & Rehabilitation

Previous land uses since the first European settlement in the 1860s resulted in extensive land clearing of the site . North Harbour has viewed this is a challenge and opportunity to deliver significant environmental improvements as part of the project.  North Harbour has 9km of river frontage to the Caboolture River, which we are revegetating and rehabilitating by planting native trees and shrubs,  re-creating native habitat and wildlife corridors.. So far, we have planted tens of thousands of trees and on completion will have planted hundreds of thousands.

tree planting

As part of our community event programme, we have held several Tree Planting Days to allow our residents and the wider community to take part in reforesting an area along the Caboolture River. Local families have had the opportunity to plant some trees they’ll be able to come back and see for years to come. Our fourth community Tree Planting Day will take place on Sunday, 10 October 2021.

We aim to plant another 1,000 native trees on the day, taking the total seedlings planted at our community tree-planting days to 4,000..

Partnering with CREEC Community Nursery, the trees planted along the Caboolture River will also contribute to water quality and riverbank stability.

North Harbour Project Director Bryan Finney said the event plays an important role in the revegetation of the site and adds to the more than 15 hectares of planting completed along the river to date.

“We have been working to revegetate and conserve our 9km of the Caboolture river bank with the help of the CREEC Community Nursery” said Mr Finney.

“As part of our conservation programme, our aim is to rejuvenate this area, reintroduce native species of plants and trees and protect it as an area of natural beauty which is available for the community to enjoy in perpetuity.

“Events like our Tree Planting Days allow us to work with the local community and show our commitment to creating sustainable development which enhances and sustains our local environments and eco-systems.

“They also give our residents the opportunity to plant a tree with their families that they can visit in the future. Literally putting down roots in our growing community.”

Sustainable Living in Brisbane

It has never been easier to build an affordable, sustainable home in Brisbane. And, choosing one of the many sustainable house designs suitable for Queensland’s sunny climate can save you money as well as reduce impacts on the environment.

Sustainable design ideas include:

  • Asking your builder to ensure the positioning of rooms and the house (on the block) take best advantage of breezes and natural light
  • Choosing building materials that are lightweight and renewable
  • Making sure you have enough shading (e.g. eaves) to help keep your home cool
  • Adding insulation to ceilings and walls
  • Adding solar, water wise appliances and fittings.

North Harbour’s Display Village builders have a wealth of knowledge and ideas on sustainable house designs. To talk to a builder about making your home sustainable, click here.


North Harbour’s New Display Village


North Harbour’s new Display Village is set to open in early-mid 2022 and will showcase 38 display homes in our Burpengary East location. 


Our current Sales and Information Centre and Display Village are open seven days a week, 10am-5pm, located on the corner of Buckley Road and Fraser Drive. We have 23 designs from a range of builders available to view, and as mentioned, our next Display Village will open in a matter of months.  If you would like to learn more about what’s on at North Harbour and keep up to date with the latest news, events and info, including our regular events, sign up for our email updates and find us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram


To learn more about North Harbour’s Display Village, click here. You can view latest land releases and general information on our website, and additional information about buying a new home at North Harbour through our other online channels: 


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You can also contact us by phone, 07 5433 1111, or email . Our office is open 10am-5pm every day. And, if required, we can work through the buying process with you by phone, email and electronic document transfer.