Cycling enthusiasts hit the gravel for two wheel adventure

August 2, 2021

Cycling enthusiasts

Itching for an off-road adventure? The scenic mountain bike trails at North Harbour have become a hotspot for riders of all abilities – from beginners through to adrenalin junkies – who are jumping at the chance to explore the expansive network of tracks.

The 6km loop set on North Harbour’s beautiful river frontage in the Heritage Park area is the first professionally built trail in the expanding recreation park and has been designed to suit beginners, families, and intermediate level riders.

Super Cycles Co-Owner and northside cyclist, Jeff Munt, says the trails are a great outdoor asset for local riders, ranging from gentle gradient and smooth tracks through to moderate gradients, variable surfaces, and obstacles.

“It’s a wonderful recreation space that is very family-orientated and perfect for the beginners through to the more intermediate level riders,” he said.

“I started using the trails myself when they first opened and it’s great to take my customers out there who want to feel the dirt under their wheels but are still learning how to ride.

“The trail system is perfect for young riders and I’ve seen many families make a day of it, enjoying a picnic before hitting the trails together.”

The mountain bike trail parking/set-off point has picnic shelters and BBQs and is located not far from the start of North Harbour parkrun.

For more adventurous and intermediate riders, the trail also features several (optional) obstacles, as well as a more difficult trail offshoot which has varying terrains to put your skills to the test.

The tracks are open 6:00 am – sunset every day. Find some information about the tracks below.

Trail distances:

  • Minimum loop distance: 2.5km approx.
  • Medium loop distance: 3.75km approx.
  • Full circuit distance: 5.25km approx.

Hot Tips for the Best Mountain Bike Experience

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Only ride on trails that suit your cycling abilities
  • Ride according to trail conditions
  • Take water, first aid kit, use sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Slow down and warn other riders when approaching
  • Give way when riding downhill
  • Keep trails in good condition by not riding during or immediately after wet weather
  • Respect areas closed to riding – ride on trails only
  • Remember you are close to the river and farmland, closed areas are for your safety
  • Stay on marked trails and formed roads
  • Take your rubbish with you when you leave
  • Clean BBQs after use
  • Note that no dogs are allowed on the trail or in the Heritage Park as this is a protected area

Due to the increase traffic on the trails, there is a proposal for an expanded network of bike tracks in the upcoming 319 hectare of recreation space within the North Harbour Marina Precinct.

With such expansive riverside space, the North Harbour Marina Precinct has a unique opportunity to deliver a wide range of recreational activities that can be enjoyed by the public for many generations to come. This is a legacy opportunity that is unlikely to be repeated anywhere else in the region.

The riverfront open space also provides plenty of opportunities for families and friends to enjoy for activities such as picnics in the park, outdoor fitness classes, concerts and more!

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