Heritage Park: Bike Trails & Family Fun in Brisbane

November 6, 2023

North Harbour Heritage Park: Mountain Bike Trails

Summer’s coming and so is the reopening of some of our most popular attractions at the North Harbour Heritage Park. So come on Brisbane, grab the family, come down and enjoy mountain bike trails, nature walks, and plenty more.

This is a great one to notch up on things to do in Brisbane, this week, or any week of the year. 

The Heritage Precinct is a signature landmark for North Harbour and is an area along the Caboolture River that prior to its opening has not been accessible to the public for more than 160 years.

Operating as a cotton farm in the 1860s, settler George Raff eventually developed the land into a sugar cane plantation named ‘Moray Fields’ to complement his Moray Bank house in New Farm.

During his time in what is now the North Harbour Heritage Park area, Raff served as a member of the second Queensland Parliament and a prominent local businessman, operating in and out of Raff’s Wharf on the Brisbane River.






All of this history can be found in the Heritage Park which is an exciting addition to the North Harbour masterplan to retain and preserve the archaeological remains of the ‘Moray Fields’ settlement.

Edith Cuffe, Abbey Museum Director, said in the Courier Mail: “We are delighted to have been part of preserving this significant historical area and displaying the history of ‘Moray Fields’.

“The site has a number of fascinating stories to tell and provides connections to significant elements in Queensland’s history, including indigenous history, European settlement of the area, history of the South Sea Islander community in the area, separation from NSW and early State Parliament.

North Harbour Heritage Park, Caboolture River, Abbey Museum, Moray Fields, South Sea Islanders | The Courier Mail

north harbour heritage park

The North Harbour Heritage Park is designed as a community attraction, combining its rich history with a vast expanse of parkland. 

More than half of the development at North Harbour will remain open green space for the community to enjoy. 

Pathways and tracks for use by locals and visitors allow everyone to enjoy our slice of Queensland history and the Caboolture River.

The perfect opportunity for families to enjoy a day in the sun, the North Harbour Mountain Bike Trail offers a minimum loop distance of 2.5km. The mountain bike trail parking and set-off point is a great place to start or finish your day, fitted out with picnic shelters, water fountains and BBQs. Not too far from the North Harbour Heritage Park Compass Centre where you can find toilets and additional water facilities.

The tracks are for all levels of abilities 

Beginners/families: Keep it simple on the beginners/family loop that has minimal obstacles (roots, logs and rocks) that is suitable for off-road bikes and basic mountain-bike skills.

Mountain bike trail

Intermediate track: This is a more difficult trail offshoot that features several optional obstacles with moderate gradients and variable surfaces.

mountain bike trail

Trail distances:

› Minimum loop distance: 2.5km approx.

› Medium loop distance: 3.75km approx.

› Full circuit distance: 5.25km approx.

Open sunrise to sunset, the North Harbour Heritage Park takes you on a 1.5km journey through the history of the Moray Fields plantation. With several informative markers along the way, this heritage park will remain as a slice of history preserved forever. You can learn about the old homestead, bunya nuts and the reason for so many bunya trees in the North Harbour area, the cane train, the old dairy, and more.

You can also find more things to do around Brisbane at North Harbour Heritage Park (visitmoretonbayregion.com.au)


Hot Tips for the Best Mountain Bike Experience

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Only ride on trails that suit your cycling abilities
  • Ride according to trail conditions
  • Take water, a first aid kit, and use sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Slow down and warn other riders when approaching
  • Give way when riding downhill
  • Keep trails in good condition by not riding during or immediately after wet weather
  • Respect areas closed to riding – Ride on trails only
  • Remember you are close to the river and farmland, closed areas are for your safety
  • Stay on marked trails and formed roads
  • Take your rubbish with you when you leave
  • Clean BBQs after use
  • Please note that no dogs are allowed on the trail or in the Heritage Park as this is a protected area


Please note that between January and March each year, the Bunya trees are known for dropping large and heavy cones that reach 40cm in diameter and up to 18kg, with spikes on the outside similar to pineapples.


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