Delving into Modern Interior Design at North Harbour

June 20, 2022

Modern Interior Design

Nestled along Buckley Road in Burpengary East, North Harbour’s brand new Display Village stands as a beacon of modern interior design in Southeast Queensland. With an array of double and single storey designs, it’s the epitome of the latest in bathroom, kitchen, and interior design styles. If you’ve ever pondered, “what is modern interior design?” this village provides the answer.

ABC Homes

Understanding Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design, as showcased in North Harbour’s Display Village, is about blending style with simplicity:

Clean Lines: This design emphasizes straightforward lines, giving spaces a sleek and organized look.

Bold Colors: While neutral shades are common, modern design isn’t shy about using striking colors to make a statement.

Open Plan: Spaces like the living room and dining room often flow together, creating a spacious and welcoming environment.

Midcentury Modern Influences: Elements from the mid-20th century, like wooden finishes and organic forms, often find their way into modern homes.

Art Deco Touches: Some modern designs incorporate geometric patterns and rich colors from the luxurious 1920s art deco era.

Functional Lighting: Beyond just illuminating a room, lighting, like a standout floor lamp, can be a design statement.

Home Offices: With more people working remotely, modern designs often include a stylish yet practical workspace.


In a nutshell, modern interior design is about creating functional spaces that reflect today’s lifestyles, with a nod to iconic design eras.

North Harbour’s Display Village

This Display Village is a must-visit for those passionate about modern design style in Brisbane. It proudly showcases the work of some of Australia’s top new home builders. Currently open are:

  • Bold Properties
  • Burbank
  • Brighton
  • Emerald Developments
  • Coral
  • Domaine
  • Hallmark
  • Homes by CMA
  • Metricon
  • GJ Gardner
  • Orbit
  • Stroud
  • Stylemaster
  • Hotondo
  • MSN Homes
  • Plantation
  • Rise


And opening soon are:

  • ABC Homes
  • Catapult
  • Creation Homes

Interior design

Interior Design Insights

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Stage 32, the Wilson Release, is now open for sale at North Harbour! Positioned near our upcoming all-abilities park, lot sizes range from 400sqm – 608sqm. For a closer look at our available land, click here.

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