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January 7, 2018

Welcome to the first North Harbour Blog for 2018! This week we’ll be reviewing why North Harbour is such an excellent choice for buyers, how the process of purchasing in our new development works and what to look for when you’re entering the property market for the first time.

House and Land Packages in 2018

House and Land Packages in 2018

North Harbour’s Display Village is home to 14 local and national builders who have chosen our development to showcase some of their designs across 35 show homes. We offer a variety of lots sizes and property prices to suit everyone from large and small families, to those looking to downsize, investors and more.

If you’re looking at house and land packages in 2018, you might have some queries about how the purchasing process works. Firstly, an explanation of terms: A house and land package is something created by North Harbour and our builder partners as a guide for buyers. You purchase the each separately, the land from the developer (North Harbour) and the home from the builder of your choice. You don’t have to choose the house which has been “packaged” it is simply created to give you an idea of what can be achieved on that type of block. When it comes to purchasing, the ideal timeline is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the North Harbour Sales Office and Display Village and review our available land for purchase. Once you have chosen your block we will hold it for 48 hours without deposit. After two days we will call you to confirm that you wish to proceed.  If you want to go ahead, we will ask you for some further details (full names of buyers and your solicitor) to enable us to prepare the contract.  An appointment is made to sign the offer to purchase in the following week when all parties are available. After the buyer/s have completed the offer to purchase, it is then signed by the Developer (us) and sent to our solicitor.  At this point the $5000 deposit is payable.

Things to note in Step 1: North Harbour as the developer sells the land (block). Once you have chosen your block you then need to choose the style of house you would like to put on there – you can do this by choosing one of our pre-approved house packages and building with one of our Display Village builders or you are free to choose a different builder. BUT any home you choose must adhere to the North Harbour design guidelines and must be suitable for your block (info is available here).

House packages come with a variety of inclusions from basic requirements up to marble benchtops and top of the range cookers. Each builder offers a range of different packages to suit a range of needs and budgets.

Step 2: The purchaser has 28 days to secure finance. You will need to speak to a mortgage advisor or your chosen bank to secure finance. If finance is declined, the $5,000 deposit is fully refundable. $5,000 is held in Trust with our solicitor until settlement – which will occur 28 days after registration.

Step 3: Registration normally takes place 3 – 5 months after the release of a new stage (we sell our land in stages and are currently selling from stage 20). Registration can be delayed due to bad weather affecting the civil works and is also subject to council approval timelines.  Once registration is through council, it can then go to titles office to register.  Once registered, we will call the buyer to inform them of registration and they will also receive notification from their solicitor and a settlement date.

Things to note in step 3: This step is somewhat outside the control of the developer as it is subject to council approval timelines. It can be subject to delays – we do our best to mitigate any delays but it is not always possible.

Step 4: Once settled, your builder can start building your new home. Things to remember: Contact Opticomm to get your broadband set up so you can join North Harbour’s fibre optic network and get access to Australia’s Fastest Broadband, your builder can organise for your gas to be connected to our reticulated gas system. You might also wish to join the North Harbour Community facebook group and get to know your neighbours.

Property Market

House and Land Packages in 2018

Did you know that land values at North Harbour have increased 19.5% in just three years? Professional valuers check each lot prior to customer purchase and values have consistently risen since our first sales two years ago. For example, a Premium Villa lot sized 400m2 cost $200,000 in 2015 and is now worth $239,000!

There are many reasons land values at North Harbour are rising so quickly, but the top 5 reasons people usually give for choosing to live at North Harbour are:

1 – Open Space and Parklands: We have the biggest area devoted to open space and parklands in Southeast Queensland. This vast 1000 acre area will include parks (two of which are already complete), walking tracks, a $3m Heritage Precinct which is currently under construction and much more.

2 – River access: We will have access to the Caboolture River, fishing platforms and lots of space to enjoy riverside recreational activities.

3 – Fibre optic broadband: Each home has access to broadband comparable to the fastest in Australia with speeds of up to 100Mb per second.

4 – Reticulated Gas to each home: Each home also has access to underground reticulated gas.

5 – Excellent location in the northern suburbs: Land in Burpengary East has been proven to be a great investment with the Burpengary area consistently ranked by property professionals as one of the top places to buy around Brisbane.

So, if you’re keen to buy land for sale in one of Brisbane’s best “bang for your buck” areas, in a place you can truly call home, contact us!

North Harbour Sales and Information Centre & Display Village are open every day from 10am-5pm. To discuss purchasing House and Land packages in 2018 at North Harbour sign up for our email and SMS updates and find us on Facebook. For more information please contact us.

House and Land Packages in 2018

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