Insider tips for custom-built Brisbane homes featuring Brighton Homes

April 3, 2023

G.J. Gardner Homes

Hey Brisbane, we know that, when it comes to building a new home, it can be daunting and exciting. Fortunately, at North Harbour, we’re the custom built homes Brisbane specialist and we’re here to help!

You can custom build a home to suit specific needs that accommodate your lifestyle. At North Harbour Display Village in Burpengary East, we have a huge selection of builders that can tailor a home design to meet your needs.

There are no limits when looking at your custom-built home and you can dream up the home you always wanted.

But there are several steps you should consider when taking on your build.

Step 1 – Choose the right lot size for the build that you want

Step 2 – Make sure you know the budget for your custom build

Step 3 – Pick the right team to help design and deliver your Custom Built Home

Step 4 – Get in there and build!

The goal of building your own home is something that is specific to you. At North Harbour, we have made it simple for you when considering your custom-built home with large variety of builders in our display village.

Learn more from North Harbour’s custom-build specialists, including the award-winning Brighton Homes.

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Brighton Homes

As one of the Modern Home Builders in Brisbane, Brighton creates beautiful homes for you to create beautiful memories in.

Brighton Homes understands that being a Queensland home builder involves more than just building a new home. It’s about providing floorplans that you can move through as easily as the summer breeze does. It’s about helping you celebrate how far you’ve come and capture the little things that create the bigger picture. It’s about sun-fringed spaces and generously-sized rooms that are limited only by your imagination.

You can find out more from Brighton Homes here About Us | Brighton Homes


Another advantage of going custom-built is that new homes usually require less maintenance than older homes. This is something that Stroud, another star builder in North Harbour’s second to none line up, knows well.

According to Stroud, one of the main benefits of building your own home is every room can be designed exactly how you want it. You can include as many different luxury amenities as you wish and your custom-built home will always be completely unique, guaranteeing it will stand out from the crowd.

Custom Home Design: Build Your Own Home | Stroud Homes

G.J. Gardner Homes

G.J. Gardner Homes’ new home consultants will introduce you to the concept of a G.J. Designer Plan. This option gives you the proven functionality and practicality of an off the shelf plan, while allowing you some of the flexibility that comes with a custom home design.

Starting with a G.J. Designer Plan means choosing a home design and working with a new home consultant to tailor it to your needs (think block size, position and shape) and tastes.

Create A Custom Home Design | G.J. Gardner Homes Australia (

MSN Homes

MSN Homes is a custom home builder and designer with more than 20 years experience. MSN Homes pride themselves on five star customer service at every stage of your journey.

According to MSN Homes, building a home could be a lifetime decision, and they  will ensure your asset is in the hands of a team of experienced professionals and backed up by industry leading suppliers.

Emerald Homes

Most people like to choose from our standard home designs, but for some, the perfect home means starting with a clean slate and some big ideas.

If you just have some ideas in your head, or hand drawn plans, our talented consultants and drafting team will work closely with you through the entire process.

Let the team at Emerald turn your dream into a reality.

Custom Builds – Emerald Developments


When you look at most homes, you will realise that to some degree they are customised. There is always an element of what the individual likes and needs in the house.

Custom designing a home to build for your family can be an exciting process.

And it is a process that means something different to everyone.

Even if it is just choosing the colour combinations, light switches or right down to the shape of the living room. How much detail you go into is up to you.

Most designs / builds have frameworks that you can explore and add to. Come down to the North Harbour Display Village and walk through any one of the display homes and talk to builder representatives on site about your Custom Build Home.

Open now at North Harbour are:

 Bold Properties

  •       Burbank
  •       Brighton
  •       Emerald Developments
  •       Coral
  •       Domaine
  •       Hallmark
  •       Homes by CMA
  •       Metricon
  •       GJ Gardner
  •       Orbit
  •       Stroud
  •       Stylemaster
  •       Hotondo
  •       MSN Homes
  •       Plantation
  •       Rise
  •       ABC Homes

And opening soon is:

  • Creation Homes

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