Moreton Bay a treasure trove for anglers

December 23, 2020

Moreton Bay fishing rod

When you think of fishing, then Moreton Bay should spring to mind.

The Bay’s mix of open waters, sandy beaches, coral reefs, rocky shores, seagrass and sponge beds, mangrove forests, mudflats and sandbanks support a treasure trove of more than 1,000 species of fish.

And the North Harbour Marina Precinct will be the perfect location to make the most of everything the bay has to offer.


Moreton Bay


The star attractions

Whiting, bream, snapper, flathead, tailor, crabs and squid are among the star local attractions, with cobia, marlin, billfish and wahoo popular with the deep sea crew.

Discussions about the best spots invariably include a mix of favourite haunts including Rous Channel and Rainbow Channel, Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island, Mud and St Helena Islands, Hope Banks and the western side of Moreton, along with the bay’s extensive range of artificial reefs.

The reefs are scattered throughout and provide marine life with protection from predators, shelter from currents, breeding grounds and a rich supply of food.

Best of all, they will offer fantastic opportunities for boat owners and recreational fishers launching from the future North Harbour Marina.

The habitats created in Moreton Bay have been designed for a range of fishing techniques – including spearfishing, bottom fishing and game fishing for pelagics.

They are:

These amazing spots allow offer a variety of activities depending on the reef, from recreational fishing, including charters, spearfishing and snorkelling. While the reefs are immensely popular, boaties just need to check on arrangements for a marine park permit as well as the amount of time allowed for each visit.

To say that the reefs are expansive seems somewhat of an understatement.

The seventh reef, built by the State Government in 2018, spans 30 hectares and was constructed 1.5km north of Adder Rock Camping Ground on the beautiful North Stradbroke Island.

Comprising 38 concrete modules each weighing 17 tonnes, the reef has been designed to last more than 30 years.


Moreton Bay reef


Fishing a valuable part of the economy

Moreton Bay contributes significantly to the Queensland economy through a range of industries.

Fishing in Moreton Bay alone is estimated to be valued at more $175 million a year.

A 2013 State Government survey estimated there to be about 642,000 anglers in Queensland – with about one third of those living in the Brisbane region around Moreton Bay.

With a planned state of the art marine hub incorporating a 400-berth marina at North Harbour, it’s the perfect opportunity for boaties, recreational charters and fishing enthusiasts to enjoy it all.

As the only new significant marina opportunity between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, it will also  help meet a growing regional demand and become the social hub of North Harbour.

After a full day’s adventure on the Bay, come home to a smorgasbord of restaurants overlooking water, a boardwalk and a range of accommodation – creating a first-class destination not only for boaties but residents and visitors alike.

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