The Port Binnli Story is Carved out from 30 Years of Experience

December 19, 2023

“We are a small group of families who are determined to showcase the best in development.”

CREATING innovative projects in terms of design, construction, and liveability is something Port Binnli and associated companies have been doing for more than 30 years.

Three ‘dyslexic left-handed’ business owners, Peter Hooke, Neil Morris, and Malcolm Hall-Brown formed Port Binnli Pty Ltd in November 1993 to develop a marina project at Raby Bay, in Southeast Queensland. 

Peter Hooke

Peter Hooke

Neil Morris

Neil Morris

Malcolm Hall-Brown

Malcolm Hall-Brown







Since then, the company has expanded significantly and is now a multi-million-dollar enterprise with projects throughout Queensland. The business continues to evolve, having introduced the next generation as we bring in our families to continue with these projects.

The largest so far is the award-winning Mackay Marina Village which has been in operation for more than 20 years.

Our focus is now on developing North Harbour (under North Harbour Holdings) an already award-winning development, into a world-class residential, commercial, and lifestyle precinct for the Moreton Bay region.

This will become our biggest project to date, encompassing residential, a business Park, a Retail Precinct a Marina, and associated industry – attracting economic and infrastructure growth to the region.

We currently have more than three thousand residents and are striving to achieve the highest levels of both community and environmental excellence in everything we do.

When the three owners first came together, we realized that despite our shortfalls, we created some magic together because we all think very differently. We are all left-handed and dyslexic, but dyslexic in different ways so we look at things incredibly differently.

What commenced as a hobby for three businesspeople, with their own companies turned into a business of itself that is now a well-recognised player in the Queensland property development industry. 

We are proud to be at the forefront of creating developments that are not only wonderful places to live but are sustainable destinations to visit and enjoy.


The Port Binnli story is carved out by our prior developments. We have seen over the years that our visions can be hard to grasp by those unfamiliar with our combined skills. However, through our tenacity and dedication to each other and our projects, we share significant milestones achieved together. 

Mackay Marina has matured into a beacon for the city of Mackay and Port Binnli has bolstered this beacon with the development of several hundred apartments and townhouses, a hotel, and a thriving retail and industry precinct.   

25 years and several marinas of the Year awards since opening, Mackay Marina is now transforming. Port Binnli with assistance from the State and Federal Government is constructing a $10.5m Nib wall to better protect The Marina and its occupants from adverse weather and cyclonic conditions. 

As well as being twice named Marina of the Year, we are a certified Clean Marina and the first marina in Queensland to qualify for Fish-Friendly Status. It is also a 4 Gold Anchor marina under this international audit system, which sets industry benchmarks for quality service. 

Mackay Marina has over 400 berths for all types of vessels ranging from 10m up to 55m. We pride ourselves in being a clean and fish-friendly accredited marina, under the Marina Industry Association (MIA) independent assessment and accreditation process. 

Raby Bay Marina: A modern, boutique-style marina with 75 floating berths nestled in the protected waters of Cleveland, to the south of Brisbane. Surrounded by a boardwalk, the marina occupies a prime position in the heart of an entertainment and dining precinct as well as being near supermarkets, shops, and other services. 

Clarion Hotel Mackay Marina: The popular Mackay precinct also includes an eight-level hotel built in 2005 standing on a 6,407sqm prime waterfront site offering views over the Coral Sea. 

Clarion Hotel

Clarion Hotel

North Harbour was declared a Significant Project by the State Government in 2006, about 10 years before the first residents moved into their new homes. The City of Moreton Bay has named North Harbour as one of five major projects under its Regional Economic Development Strategy 2020-2041. 

In 2009, the Queensland Coordinator-General accepted an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) prepared for the project and recommended full approval, including the North Harbour Marina Precinct, subject to a range of conditions. Since that time, further planning and environmental approvals have been granted and the North Harbour Marina component of the project has become a top priority for The City of Moreton Bay. 

Kunda Park Central is one of Port Binnli Group’s first significant industrial developments delivered on the Sunshine Coast in 2005 at Hoopers Road, Kunda Park.



The success of Port Binnli can be attributed to a pioneering spirit and the mix of skills the trio combined of Peter, Neil, and Malcolm. 

We want to ensure that Port Binnli and the associated companies continue to create innovative projects in terms of design, construction, and liveability that stand the test of time. All our projects prove our commitment to sustainability. We are at the forefront in creating world-class precincts that are not only great places to live but are destinations to visit and enjoy.


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