Need to get your work/life balance right? North Harbour is the place!

August 30, 2016

Welcome to the North Harbour blog. This week I’m going to discuss why North Harbour is a great place to live for families, particularly focusing on the benefits for working mums, and how building your own home might help you win the constant home/ work life balance battle.


As I type this I’m recovering from a hellish morning of trying to get to work whilst the dog, the children and life in general run interference. I made my first meeting – 15 minutes late – only to then notice the handprint on my black trousers (from the 4-year old clinging onto my leg as I tried to drop him off quickly and quietly at day care) and the toothpaste dribble on my shirt (from shouting at the dog to stop barking whilst brushing my teeth).

We all have these days/weeks/months where nothing at all is going quite as easily as it should be and at times like this I find myself wandering around the beautiful Display Village at North Harbour looking at the Display Homes and thinking how much easier my life might be if I had space by the front door for all the kids to put their stuff for school in one of those awesome hall cupboards with space for shoes, bags, hats, sports kit and so on.

Whilst I’m not for a moment suggesting that a new home would make all your working mum woes disappear, a home designed with your needs in mind can certainly help. For example to help me get my act together in the morning I’d like a kitchen with a breakfast bar so I can make sure I’m across all the various things each kid (little ones and the big one) needs for a particular day while they eat/ whine/ fight/ start long-winded stories I apparently need to listen to, while I pack the dishwasher, make packed lunches, coffee-to-go (and on good days check myself for toothpaste marks and hand prints).

I’d also like enough space to sometimes be able to hide from the kids/ husband when I get home from work, until I’m ready to answer multiple questions, and both a decent pantry and his n hers walk-in robes so I could get myself organised and not have to share a wardrobe. (For me it’s not ‘location, location, location’ so much as ‘cupboards, cupboards, cupboards’!)

One of the best things about a new build is that you get to choose all of the above and whatever you personally need to make your life easier. North Harbour has several different types of lot to choose from, including some which can be dual occupancy, and multiple house designs for you to browse which will fit on these lots.

If you’re searching for your dream home a great idea can be to take a few trips to a Display Village to get an idea of what’s happening in the construction industry and the latest evolution in interior design. North Harbour’s Display Village contains 35 Display Homes showcasing the designs of 14 local and national builders. (If possible it might be an idea to have a look yourself first and whittle down the list to your top three before bringing the kids!).

A quick tip to remember, too – builders don’t show every single home they are capable of building at one Display Village so, if there is a particular builder you like, but the home isn’t quite right, ask them about other options that they have available in similar styles.

You might also fall in love with a particular block before you find your dream home. Again that helps you choose which builder is right for you, there might be a specific design which fits perfectly onto your block.


In addition to being able to build your dream home here, North Harbour also works well on a community scale. The Village Park located next to the Display Village is the first park to be completed at North Harbour. It incorporates two levels of play equipment to suit older children and pre-schoolers and includes open space and undulating grass mounds ideal for independent play. It’s a great place to let the kids burn off some steam after school while you catch up on some work emails using the free Wi-Fi. The park’s shelters and barbecues also mean it’s great for a work from home day or to combine a much-needed coffee catch up with a playdate.

As part of our commitment to making North Harbour a great place to live, we boast the largest area devoted to open space and parks within the northern corridor. Extensive bike and walking tracks will give residents options for exercise and fun activities. Proposed playing fields, a sporting complex and a heritage park will complement the water based activities provided by the Caboolture River and Moreton Bay.

Each home at North Harbour (and even the free Wi-Fi in the park) has access to state of the art, fibre optic network capable of speeds up to 1Gb per second from a broad range of Internet Service Providers. More than enough speed to mean that you and the kids can all be watching something different on Netflicks at the same time without slowing down your internet speed.

And finally, each home will also have the option of tapping into underground reticulated gas. Having the option of natural gas appliances gives you an easy, energy efficient choice for endless hot water as well as cooking inside and on the BBQ outside equally easily.

In a nutshell, our Display Homes Burpengary based Village can help you create the home of your dreams in a community designed around easy family living.


For more information or to make an appointment call Aidan on 5433 1111 or email . The North Harbour Sales Office & Display Village is open seven days a week, 10am – 5pm (excluding public holidays).

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