Ten Reasons to Try Our Free Sunday Sunrise Yoga Classes In Burpengary East!

November 8, 2021


Free Yoga Classes in Burpengary East


If you’re looking for things to do in the Brisbane area, did you know you can do Yoga in the park, every Sunday, for free at North Harbour? Yes, not only are we located in one of the best suburbs in beautiful Moreton Bay in the north of Brisbane, we also have free activities every weekend offering you the chance to enjoy a great lifestyle which is healthy for both your body and wallet! 


One of these activities is our regular Sunday Sunrise Yoga in the Park. This free class is open to everyone and is held every Sunday at *7:30am (weather permitting) in Heritage Park. North Harbour’s Sunrise Yoga is open to all ages and designed for everybody – all levels are welcome from beginners to advanced. Heritage Park is a stunning area of outstanding natural beauty and is located along the banks of the Caboolture River. It is the perfect location to unwind, relax and enjoy an amazing class in the great outdoors, getting you ready to face the week ahead.  


Our classes are extremely popular and our teacher is local yogi Dionne Lister from “The Yoga Shed”. Dionne is an excellent teacher and has been practicing yoga for many years. “Yoga has not only changed my physical body but my attitude towards life. It’s the perfect way to reduce stress, build strength and flexibility and enjoy a healthier you.”

And if one class a week isn’t enough, Dionne’s Yoga studio “The Yoga Shed” is just five minutes from North Harbour and offers a variety of yoga classes in Burpengary East, catering for all yoga levels from beginners to advanced in a serene and welcoming setting. 


So, if you’re keen to get stronger and increase your flexibility, we hope to see you at Sunrise Yoga in the Park soon. 


What to bring: 


  • Yoga mat and/ or towel
  • Full water bottle 
  • An open heart and a smile
  • You may also want something to lay across your eyes during relaxation


And afterwards we encourage you to grab some breakfast and coffee at Havn café, located next to the North Harbour Sales Centre on Buckley Road – what a great way to start a Sunday! 

*Please note that class times change seasonally, to get up to date information please visit our Sunrise Yoga in the Park Facebook page


Ten Reasons to Try Sunrise Yoga in the Park

  1. Stress Reduction.Slow, deep yogic breathing encourages reduction of both physical and mental tension allowing us to unwind after a busy week and prepare for the next. Being outside in the fresh air listening to birdsong, among the trees, also helps to reduce stress levels, which is vital for a healthy mind and body.
  2. Increase your flexibility. Yoga helps us to stretch and elongate muscles throughout our bodies. The more elastic your muscles are, the less prone you are to injury which is particularly helpful as much of our work is now sedentary. 
  3. Improve your balance. Almost everything we do, from walking, to shopping for groceries to playing with our kids all require varying levels of physical balance. Practicing the various poses improves your balance and encourages freer every day, functional movement – vital for longevity and health. Yoga also benefits us in the other meaning of balance, yoga’s entire function is to balance body and mind to achieve our best mental and physical health.
  4. Increase your strength.Many people either have strength or flexibility, however too much of either doesn’t help with our functional movement. Yoga is an excellent way to build strength using your own body weight whilst ensuring you also stay flexible. 
  5. Build your stamina.Yoga is a great form of exercise for all levels, ages, and abilities. Whilst all exercise will build stamina, yoga builds it gently – every practice increases stamina, and each pose can be adapted with varying degrees of difficulty allowing you to grow into your practice over time. 
  6. Improve your digestion.Yoga’s twists and bends gently massage your internal organs and this helps to detoxify your system which is great for overall health and can also assist with weight loss. Many poses can also help relieve bloating and stimulate the digestive system.
  7. Gives you enhanced focus.The concentration you develop in yoga translates to other areas of your life – which is excellent to practise on a Sunday in the park before a hectic Monday!
  8. Improve your posture.Yoga helps you walk taller and develop stronger core muscles. And, when you have body awareness and a strong core you can’t help but have good posture.
  9. Improve your circulation. Again, this is vital for health as poor circulation can lead to fluid retention, acne breakouts, issues with concentration and more! 
  10. Improve your cardiovascular fitness.Yoga’s practice of controlled breathing teaches your body to use oxygen more efficiently and helps to improve your overall level of cardiovascular fitness.

So – if you want to improve your functional fitness in a beautiful outdoor setting, for free – head to Sunrise Yoga in the Park. You’ll find all the details you need on our Facebook page. To find out more about Dionne and The Yoga Shed click here or visit www.yogashed.com.au.


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