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North Harbour Heritage Park - Now Open
North Harbour Heritage Park - Now Open

The Mountain Bike Trail is partially open, with some of the track remaining closed for further maintenance. For a map of the closed area, click here.

Welcome to the North Harbour Heritage Park Precinct.

North Harbour Heritage Park is located at North Harbour in Burpengary East, halfway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Heritage Park is set along the Caboolture River on the site of the first European settlement in the area. Created in partnership with The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, the historical aspects of this tranquil Queensland Heritage Registered site have been combined with a vast expanse of parkland including walking and bike trails, BBQ and picnic shelters for use by residents and visitors, allowing everyone to enjoy our slice of Queensland history and the beautiful Caboolture River. The heritage artefacts have been carefully preserved and will continue to be maintained by North Harbour and available to view and enjoy by the general public in perpetuity.

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North Harbour Heritage Park is located at North Harbour in Burpengary East, halfway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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About the precinct.

The North Harbour site has an interesting heritage having gone through several incarnations over the years since it was first settled in 1861 – a Cotton Farm, Sugar Plantation, Dairy Farm and Pine Plantation – until North Harbour Holdings Pty Ltd purchased the land in 2005.

Heritage Park is a three-year project designed to protect and preserve the heritage remains of this important historical site. On completion, the project will have invested over $3 million, with $1,535,062 of funds coming from the Federal Government through a funding agreement with the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology. Funding is through the Community Development Grants programme, provided through the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. The $1,535,062 Grant has been matched by North Harbour.

The history of the site is interpreted from a dedicated facility, the Compass Centre, which delivers a ‘mind map’ of the site before it is experienced firsthand. The Compass Centre presents historic photographs, sketches and objects on display which allow visitors to appreciate the stories and significant developments from early European settlement through to the present day.

Our heritage trails offer educational signage throughout, allowing for complete immersion in this special space.

Dogs are welcome at Heritage Park, providing they remain on a lead at all times and do not wander onto the heritage artefacts. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.

Protected by Law

The remains of Morayfield Plantation 1867-1885 are protected by Queensland State legislation under the Cultural Heritage Act.

The Plantation is a significant cultural site that represents the earliest phase of the southern Queensland sugar industry and is one of the few surviving places associated with indentured labourers from many different South Sea Islands.

It is illegal to remove any artefacts, objects or material from the site, or to dig without permission from the Queensland Government.

Plan your trip.

North Harbour Heritage Park is open every day from 6am-sunset. Access to Heritage Park is from the end of Moreton Bay Boulevard, in North Harbour.

North Harbour is located in the suburb of Burpengary East, just off the Bruce Highway at exit 146 Uhlmann Road.

When you first arrive at Heritage Park, we recommend you visit the Compass Centre which tells the history of the area through historic photographs, sketches and display objects which allow visitors to appreciate the stories and significant developments from the past up to the present day.

After learning about the history of the site, you can then walk through the heritage trails and view the remaining artefacts of the residents of yesteryear such as the Old Well, and the steps of the Old Homestead.

Walking Times and Distances

Compass Centre to Grave: 1.2km, 20-30mins return

Compass Centre to Homestead: 150m return, 2mins

Homestead Circuit: 200m, 5-10mins

Compass Centre to the Old Dairy and Wharf: 1km return, 20mins

Riverwalk, Old dairy to the picnic tables: 1km return, 15-20mins

Round trip > Compass Centre > Grave > River > Old Dairy > Compass Centre: 2.5km, 45mins – 1 hr

Parking and Amenities

There is ample parking on-site as well as amenities and water, BBQ and picnic facilities. North Harbour Café is located adjacent to the North Harbour Sales and Information Centre and is open daily for breakfast and lunch.

Disabled Access

Amenities at North Harbour Heritage Park have disabled access as do the Compass Centre, picnic area and concrete pathways.