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North Harbour Heritage Park - Now Open
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North Harbour Heritage Park - Now Open
Heritage Park
North Harbour Heritage Park - Now Open
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The Heritage Park Precinct is open on weekends for the community to enjoy

North Harbour is working hard to reopen the Heritage Precinct and Mountain Bike trail for the community to enjoy on weekends beginning in mid-June.

Our master-planned community in Burpengary East is moving forward with its infrastructure development to provide direct access to the highway, making commuting to work or leisurely trips a breeze.

While firm indication cannot currently be provided for the full access opening, we are hoping to fully re-open by the end of 2023.

North Harbour is working with the construction contractor to allow weekend access from June 10, every Saturday and Sunday between 6am and 6pm.

The separate access road will be clearly marked – please follow directions to the Heritage precinct.

Should you have any questions about the access closure, please contact our Community Engagement Manager, Vicki Wood via email:



2019 North Harbour Heritage Park is officially opened by Terry Young, MP for Longman on November 10th, 2019

Heritage Park begins construction after a Grant of $1,535,062 from the Federal Government is awarded through a funding agreement with the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology. Funding is through the Community Development Grants programme, provided through the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. North Harbour matches the amount of funds and the project budget is over $3M.
2016 First residents move into North Harbour
2010 The site is recorded as a significant heritage site and protected by Queensland State legislation under the Cultural Heritage Act State Heritage Recognition (Qld)
2005 North Harbour purchases the site
1990s - 2000s Beef cattle farming
1970-90s Pine Plantation
1901-1970s Dairy and Cattle Farm
1866-89 Sugarcane Plantation/ Rum Distillery
1861-66 Cotton Plantation

A more extensive timeline can be found here:

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